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Thursday · October 21 2004

Could you pass 8th grade math?
This is a sample of the Illinois State Board of Education's 8th grade math test for No Child Left Behind standards. No trick questions here and you can use a calculator.

I'll bet I'm the only one who misses taking these tests. Mmm, Tori probably misses em too. Let's find out.

What you had to say:
October 21 2004

You are right, I miss taking these tests. When my friend Ted asked me to take an IQ test for him for his psych class, I eagerly agreed to do it. Fun stuff.
(BTW I should have gotten 10 of 10 but then in my hurry to go meet a friend for lunch second-guessed whether congruent meant equal. DOH!)

October 21 2004

I think Jason put this up here to torture me with reminders of my misspent youth. Actually, I think my math skills improved with age. (I had lots of room for improvement.) Sometimes, I wish I could go back and learn some math and science. It all seems so logical and clear cut, especially compared to everything else in the adult world.

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