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Tuesday · October 19 2004

Today's post at is loaded with good stuff.

  • The Slate article describing 5 scenarios wherein courts would have a hand in the election results.
  • The Tennessee poll revealing a large numer of voters don't know which candidate support which issues or support positions inconsistent with their candidate's.
  • A list of odd (but base-appealing) statements and behavior by GOP Senate candidates in various states. Sounds like it may be time for Kentucky incumbent Jim Bunning to take a rest.
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What you had to say:
October 19 2004

So why all this talk that New Jersey is still in play? To hear the news . . . and Bush . . . tell it lately, you'd think it was neck-and-neck.

October 20 2004

More on New Jersey:

October 20 2004

That Slate article was terrifying. We may want to destroy them for scaring the American people. I think we should hunt them down and kill them.

The situations in Milwaukee and Las Vegas/Oregon are insane. Why does it seem like the democrats are always complaining about Republican shenanigans?

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