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Monday · October 18 2004

Mariano Rivera didn't get it done last night, but Tim McCarver's stat on his relief performances since 1996 or 97 floored me. I believe he said Rivera has notched 26 1+ inning saves for the Yankees in the postseason since 1997. All other relief pitchers combined have had 7.

Rivera has had his problems with the Red Sox, and they dinged him in the ninth. I tried hard to stay up for the end, but I fell asleep in the top of the 12th, a half inning before David Ortiz hit the game winning, 2 run shot.

Part of me wants the Red Sox to pull off what would be the greatest playoff comeback ever — recovering from a 3-0 hole against the Yanks — but I'm not sure I want them leaving the Cubs alone in the Land of the Futile and the Miserable.

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October 18 2004

I am still rooting for the Red Sox - if they can do it, so can the Cubs! They have themselves in a nasty hole though.

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