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Saturday · October 16 2004

We need to get rid of a fried television and the two aged, CRT monitors posing as footrests. Easy enough to set them next to our dumpster, but if nobody carries them off (sort of unthinkable in our alley), all three will end up in a landfill. Lead and other poisonous stuff in the cathode ray tubes can leak out and that's a bad thing.

Google didn't have any quick answers to where I should drop this junk off, but the Illinois EPA site was helpful — except for the suggestion: Give it to the grandparents for e-mail contact with the grandchildren. You can't just charitably plop a PC down in front of your elders and walk away. Like selling a used car to a relative, you are responsible for everything. You are signing up for a free, lifetime-binding PC consultant contract. If you aren't prepared for this, recycle or donate to Goodwill. If your parents want a PC, send them to Dell. The call center guy in Bangalore is ready and waiting for the phone call.

Recycling monitors. The Illinois EPA does not require that household recycle electronic equipment, but it “is an environmentally friendly choice that all households should seriously consider.” If you need to find a recyling center for non-standard items, check out the Reuse and Recycling Services page at . Here's the list of monitor recycling centers near me.

What you had to say:
October 17 2004

Timely post. I just got an LCD screen recently and want to get rid of the 50 lb. CRT monitor now sitting in my closet. Retrofit Recycling sounds good because they do curb-side pick-up (helpful without a car, like me).

Did you figure out how you're getting rid of your stuff yet? Any recommendations for somebody in my situation?

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