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Thursday · October 14 2004

Wonkette's live-blog of the debate
Best line: “Wouldn't it have been easier to just shoot DeLay with an assault weapon rather than to try to fight him over the ban?”

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October 14 2004

This was funny, too:

"No child left behind is really a jobs act," says Bush. Of course. And Social Security is really a missile defense program. And Federal Highways funding? Actually a part of the Metric Conversion Office. And clean coal legislation helps you make soup.

October 14 2004

Bush brings up No Child Left Behind as an answer to anything that doesn't have a good, real answer.

October 14 2004

The sad thing is that No Child Left Behind isn't even a good, real answer to the problem it's supposed to answer.

October 14 2004

A bit more on that at Slate

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