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Wednesday · October 13 2004

Eric Zorn has some coverage of the radio-only Obama-Keyes debate if you were like me and had no clue there was a debate last night. I had too much bookclub catch-up reading to do anyway.

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October 13 2004

Did anyone hear Obama's clever pre-debate expectations management? "Alan Keyes has debated at the highest levels all around the country for years. He's very good at this," I heard Obama say on WBEZ. "I'm just a state a senator from the South Side . . ."

I've also notice a disturbing trend of people writing OBAMA in all caps, as if it's an acronym. Ideas for what it might stand for?

October 13 2004

The other funny radio quote I heard post-debate was "Alan Keyes kept personal attacks to a minimum in yesterday's debate . . ."

October 13 2004

There has to be at least one old-time Chicagoan who thinks he is Baraich O'Bama.

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