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Monday · October 11 2004

Pictures from OcTOASTERfest 2004
OcTOASTERfest is sponsored by The Toaster Collector Association. I think I will start collecting odd Oktoberfest spin-offs. Proctoberfest and OcTOASTERfest are all I have so far. If you find more, this is the place to post them.

What you had to say:
October 11 2004

We just missed a Rocktoberfest:

"This year, for one night only, Rock and Polka will come together at the Molson Canadian Rocktoberfest Haus Party. The entertainment for this event are THE TREWS and WALTER OSTANEK. This evening begins at 7 pm on Sunday, October 10 at Altes Muenchen Haus - Queensmount Arena in Kitchener. It is guaranteed to be a night to remember!"

I love it when rock and polka come together.

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