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Friday · October 08 2004

Part of the justification for the bright and beautiful new monitor is that I also planned to use it as a TV and media center (TiVo-esque, DVD recording, etc). I think I've found the product to do it right: Beyond TV by SnapStream (V3.5 released today). The screenshot page gives a pretty good idea of how the software works.

Multiple tuner support and the ability to control what is recording at home from anywhere over the web are key. Files are recorded to the hard drive, so archiving movies or series to DVD doesn't require an expensive TiVo-DVD burner combo.

SnapStream has also opened up the BeyondTV programming API, which means custom software, hacks, and enhancements will start popping up. As I've learned with the Slimp3/Squeezebox, Movable Type, and Firefox, an open API is a very good thing. If the core is solid enough that geeks will work for free just because they love it, the product has a good chance of success. The support is better, the improvements come faster, and if all else fails, you can always code what you want yourself.

Of course, it's a question of ease of use vs. how much control you want, but as a tinkering, power user sort, I always opt for the latter.

PVRBlog reviewed Version 3.0 last month with excellent results.

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