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Friday · October 08 2004

Bush's mystery bulge
Was the president wired during the first debate? If it's true, I don't know which is more sad…the need to audibly prompt our president with facts and rejoinders or that the president debated so poorly even with help.

Watch the 30 second Salon ad, and read the whole article.

Kerry's debate gains are starting to appear in the polls. He ought to resist the temptation to get cocky tonight. Just continue to pummel George on Iraq.

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What you had to say:
October 08 2004

Well stated Jason, I do not know which is more pathetic either.
Thanks for my CDs!!!

October 08 2004

You're welcome, Tori. I hope you'll stop by and cook more often. I will trade music for food any day.

October 08 2004

hmmmm. some interesting theories at the link.

hooray for consipracy theorists!

October 08 2004

Sounds like a good deal to me! Unfortunately for some, I think our pasta came out better than the soup. But I will not give up on my soup-making attempts this fall. No sirree bob.

October 08 2004

And some mix CDs come out better than others as well.

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