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Thursday · October 07 2004

Matt is not going to be very happy to hear that Chipotle's food isn't much healthier than that of its parent, McDonald's

The stats on the nachos at Baja Fresh are downright scary:

With a day's worth of calories (2,000) and sodium (2,890) with two days' worth (39 grams) of saturated fat, the average order of nachos (made with steak, chicken, or just cheese) is worse than four Quarter Pounders.

I always hold the cheese and sour cream and can rarely finish a whole burrito anyway. The portions are way too big.

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What you had to say:
October 07 2004

I remember reading something similar a while ago, but it hasn't deterred me from eating at Chipotle three times in the past two weeks, though. (I'm working near a Chipotle for the first time and so far have not yet tired of it.) Their veggie burrito is just so good. I almost always eat the whole thing. Yikes!

October 07 2004

I usually order a Bol with chicken, black beans, veggies, and corn salsa. Pretty unexciting, but keeps the bad stats down.

October 07 2004

Yeah. Next step is to eliminate the tortilla. But it's just so good!!!!!!!!

October 07 2004

I've eaten two in one sitting. I was really hungry. It's the sort of thing that seemed like a really good idea at the time.

October 07 2004

This sucks.

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