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Wednesday · October 06 2004

Lindsay Lohan's Harry Potter skit on SNL
This is from way back in May, but it's still worth a post.

“Hey Potter, cool it with the nerd stuff.”

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October 06 2004

anything with her is worth a post, duh.

Did you see the SNL from this past weekend? Season premiere with a skit about the debate (ran long, but was pretty good) and one with Kerry, Carvill, and Clinton with Affleck as Carvill. some witty stuff there.

October 06 2004

No, I didn't. I don't know how anybody who doesn't have TiVo can sit through that show. With TiVo, as you've shown me, it's alright. I don't have TiVo, so I didn't see it. I was watching NU beat OSU instead. That was a helluva lot better.

October 06 2004

It's time, Jason. I see a Tivo in your future.

Tracy and I have a two-tuner DirecTivo in the living room, and a single-tuner Tivo in the bedroom. I don't have a point here, I just enjoy telling people that.

I am incapable of watching television without Tivo now, when I'm on the road, I keep looking for the 'Advance' button on the tv remote.

It's such a pleasure. I watch the shows I enjoy, when I want to. And, a 30-minute show takes 22 minutes. An hour show, about 39 minutes. Phenomenal.

October 06 2004

I watch so little TV programming outside of sports, politics, and the odd show like Ebert/Roeper that I'm not sure it'd do me much good. I love the concept when I'm over at someone's house that does have one, however.

On the PC I just put together to replace the blown up one, I'm going to get a TV tuner card. It won't be just like TiVo, but it'll have its own advantages.

October 08 2004

Let's get back to the topic here; we seem to be a little astray of the real issue: When will we see Linsday again? Perhaps one of her upcoming movies? or her album release? I guarantee Jason will put up a link for a sampling of a few of her tunes. Good stuff.

Tivo rules. and so does a PC with a TV tuner card.

October 09 2004

Only because you asked, Steve...
"Rumors" video

That's a pretty forgettable song.

October 11 2004

Well, who cares about the song really?

Although, I thought it would suck more. Was catchier than I expected, but yeah: not memorable. That means it will be a huge billboard hit.

Defintely could have been done by Britney - are they interchangable? Maybe they can do a duet...

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