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Wednesday · October 06 2004

If you use a feedreader (Bloglines, etc.), I'm curious how many feeds you subscribe to and how many you are actually able to keep up with? How has using a feedreader changed your reading habits on the web?

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October 06 2004

I subscribe to 44 feeds through Bloglines. Only about half of those ever seem to post anything new. Good Lord, yes, it's changed my reading habits on the web! I'm constantly finding things of interest to others in my profession (librarianship), constantly keeping up with MP3 posts to sites like, and keeping up-to-date on events here in Chicago. Among other things. I love Bloglines and it really helps consolidate the time I spend on the web.

October 06 2004

Looks like 17 for me on Bloglines.
I check out each one that's updated but only delve further into the ones that sound interesting, maybe skimming the rest.

It's definitely made looking at blogs easier, mainly because I don't have to keep going back and checking the ones I would before. But I really like that other types of web sites are offering feeds, to the point that if they don't offer a feed I wonder, "what's wrong with these people?"

October 07 2004

I have over 450 feeds in Bloglines. (gulp) About 250 of those are personal blogs, and about another 80 are photoblogs. With Bloglines, I never run out of things to read on the web.

Certain blogs I make sure to keep up with daily or several times a day. Yours is one of those. There's only one "blog" I read daily that doesn't have a feed (Zorn).

I usually have Bloglines open at work, and when I'm waiting on hold or something, I'll open about 15-20 photoblogs at a time in tabs. I love photography. Fortunately, we have broadband at work. Otherwise, I would have to spend too much time on the photos on dial-up at home. So, that's a broadband issue and doesn't really have anything to do with newsreaders, except for the fact I wouldn't be able to keep track of what I checked and didn't check.

I never could have read this much without a newsreader. I do, however, get behind. But, by Sunday night I have everything caught up. All in all, it has made life and getting information much easier and much more enjoyable. I could go on...

October 07 2004

I wish Eric Zorn would get a feed. The site doesn't even have permalinks, so I can't link to a particular item. The Trib just doesn't get it.

I have ~100 feeds, but realistically, I read about 15 low volume sites (defectiveyeti, largeheartedboy, kottke), scan about a dozen link sites, keep up with the blogs of people I know or who visit me, and I read the interesting sections of Slate. If that runs dry, there's always more waiting.

I think of feedreaders in the same way many people think of TiVo. Until you try it, you're skeptical why you need it. Once you do, you can't imagine ever doing it the old way again. I would say Bloglines has increased the efficiency of my web reading 10 fold.

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