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Tuesday · October 05 2004

The upshot of having your home electronics blow up is that you get new home electronics. Call me a consumerist whore, but when you spend as much time as I do looking at a screen, you might as well look at a big and beautiful LCD screen.

What you had to say:
October 05 2004

Jason, you're a consumerist whore!

October 05 2004

Thank you, Eric. You have relieved me of the burden of guilt I'm enjoying with this thing in front of me.

October 05 2004

I can't wait to use it!

October 05 2004

When a pair of shoes gets battered and ruined, I proclaim that it's time to throw them away. This proclamation is always met with argument. "Don't throw those away!" "Take them to a repair shop!" or "You can probably get those fixed, you know!!" What these folks don't understand is that I can't WAIT to throw them away and buy a new pair of shoes.

Congratulations on the new LCD monitor. It's beautiful.

October 05 2004

I've been using the same monitor that I bought in 1995, so I really don't feel all that guilty. 9 years is plenty of life for a 17 inch CRT. The pixels were shot and it killed my eyes to use. It wasn't a casualty per se of the electrical voltage blow up, but close enough.

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