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Monday · October 04 2004

I believe I converted 4 new members to The Church of The Mountain Goats last night. I hope they'll stand up and give their testimony. John Darnielle himself was so excited he performed the end of the set standing up for the first time in his career. (Unconfirmed. Could have been one of those cheap, repeatable performance ploys, but the first time I've seen him stand up anyway.)

He busted a string and then borrowed John Vanderslice's guitar to finish up. He discovered this thing called a guitar strap on JV's instrument, but he hung it around his neck like a little kid would. Peter Hughes insist we not tell John that he was doing it wrong, and it's those moments that demonstrate the quieter part of Darnielle's charm — that is when he's not spastically rocking out in his folding chair.

Back to the church, though. Chris felt he got his money's worth after JV's set. The Mountain Goats were a double helping of thick beef gravy for him. Alexis witnessed why the show is so much better than the record. Justin and Jeanette showed up soley on the trust of my good word and left smiling. My offer always stands with these shows. If you come and don't have a good time, I'll pick up your cab ride home.

After this tour, Darnielle is going to record a new album (“the uncomfortably autobiographical record”) and will return in the spring.

John Vanderslice opened and impressed me more than his set at the Beulah show in March, since his material takes a little time to grow on me. He seems to enjoy what he does more than any performer I've seen in awhile. His drumming cameo on “See America Right” during The Mountain Goats set was the highlight of the night for me — messy, loud, and all fun.

From a JV show at Cat's Cradle in NC, 2003: "Underneath the Leaves"

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What you had to say:
October 04 2004

What a great show! Most of the time, by the time a feature act is finished with their set, I am ready to go home even though I enjoyed it. Last night, I was cheering for John Darnielle to come back for a few more songs because I didn't want it to end (even though it was late on a Sunday night). He is fantastically entertaining.

October 04 2004

largeheartedboy has a link to a recent Darnielle interview at Philly's City Paper...

"Well, because I'm the only singer-songwriter who's always told the truth, I guess. Most guys want you to believe their stories all the time when they're usually cribbing from Dylan and/or the movies; I've always been open about how I was making up stories. Nobody ever wanted to believe me, since people have this weird idea about how acoustic guitar equals he must be singing about his life! But it ain't so."

October 04 2004

I'll definately stand up and testify. That for me is exactly the reason I see live music. I love the Empty Bottle as a venue- we had a good view and were not crushed like sardines. The crowd was totally into both acts. The performers obviously loved what they were doing. And of course, the music was awsome. Plus, it is totally thrilling when you see a band (Vanderslice) perform music as good as you listened to on their album.

I'd definately go again if they swing through here again!

October 04 2004

dood, so y'all were right by my house and didn't even tell me you were going. phhhhpptttttt!

October 04 2004


I didn't send out personal invites or anything. You're all big kids. I'll add you to the catechism class list for next spring. The church will be accepting new members.

October 04 2004

just bored at work.

October 04 2004

Amen! There's nothing as great as being converted by a band at a live show. Seems like that's the way it should be.

October 04 2004

franz ferdinand is supposed to be on letterman tonight

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