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Friday · October 01 2004

We didn't really deserve to see Rilo Kiley last night at The Abbey Pub. I didn't try to get tickets until 6pm on the way home from work. The show had been sold out for several days, but they released 25 extra tickets as I walked in the door. Then while standing in line at 10pm, Jenny Lewis walked right in front of Stace and me, so I guess timing was on.

The Abbey was packed and the air was hot and smoky. Air conditioning may not be rock n' roll, but turn on a fan or open a window. Please. The show was a good time. Jenny Lewis sounded great and showed a good emotional range. She was alternately Pat Benetar-tough growling “Love and War” and then vulnerably in love pleading on “Does He Love You”. And, of course, she looks equally pretty doing both. I ought to mention the guys in Rilo Kiley, but why?

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October 01 2004

Besides being so hot, it was a fantastic show.

October 03 2004

Yeah, that was a kickin' show. You had to love the cover of the cover of Such Great Heights, and how nobody onstage really knew the words. I don't think the show was sold out though, I bought at the door a little after the doors opened, and it's ticket #208

October 03 2004

I only figured it was sold out because that's what the bartender told me when I stopped by at 6 to see what was left. Their version of Such Great Heights was pretty much an abortion, but I admired the effort. I wish I had seen that Postal Service show.

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