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Thursday · September 30 2004

All your movie spoilers and endings here. This way you can find out what happens at the end of Wimbledon rather than having to sit through it.

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What you had to say:
September 30 2004

wow- ask and you shall recieve. you're a rock star, j. thanks for finding a spoiler site so fast. next request for sites on the list to find- somewhere that will furnish my friends, family & myself with lots of moola/a neato-keen bachelor/and an end to animal cruelty all in one swoop. thanks, j- you're the best.

p.s. how could you ruin 'wimbeldon' for me? i would never have figured out this complex film just by the trailers. i'd think it would be fun to actually sit in on one of those hollywood meetings where producers, actors, & directors get pitched these smaultzy wastes of celluoid & get to see the reactions.

September 30 2004

Kel, this one fell into my lap. We were talking about this yesterday, and then it was sitting like a duck on The Morning News headlines this morning.

Maybe we'll get a production of Wimbledon in 30 seconds with bunnies. That'd be neato-keen, yeah?

September 30 2004

you coulda milked that one and told me it took you hours to find! it's a cool site. i've already looked up 4 movies.

that would be great- hope the bunnies are listening.

September 30 2004

That would imply I have hours to go looking for something like that.

Looks like the bunnies are already busy on other projects...Freddy vs. Jason, Scream, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre...all commissioned by Starz.

You think it would be that hard to throw Kirsten Dunst in a tennis outfit into one of those slasher film re-enactments. Like a Wimbledon/Carrie remix.

September 30 2004

hey- they pulled off bunny titanic and it wasn't a slasher. i'm surprised there hasn't been a bunny matrix yet.

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