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Thursday · September 30 2004

I added a link on the side for my station. I don't directly control the playlist, but it's automagically created from my profile at Audioscrobbler/ Go ahead and listen. I make no promises to what you might hear.

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What you had to say:
September 30 2004

Yowza! Thanks for a great way to spice up my work life.

September 30 2004

My profile isn't really big enough to be that refined, so you're going to hear lots of junk. It should get better over time. At least better as defined by my taste. ;)

September 30 2004

... hm, and now my post is gone altogether from my pov.

I'm having a hard time interpreting - unsure of when the "now playing' is really what is playing, even when I refresh. e.g. small player window shows 2:27 of 3:25 of a song has played but a new song just started two seconds ago. Any hints?

September 30 2004

There's some lag involved with the stream and what it says you're listening to. Mine varies, but I have a pretty good bandwith connection, so I don't get much delay. I don't think there's much advice I can offer you.

September 30 2004


September 30 2004

Ha! That was the problem! Not saving my info. Now I see my posts. And your posts, for that matter.

September 30 2004

I have no idea why that should matter at all. I must have something messed up inside my page template.

Anyone else not see their posts when they don't choose 'Yes' for 'Remember personal info?'

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