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Monday · September 27 2004

Take Back Illinois Game
The game is a project sponsored by the Illinois GOP to communicate their positions on critical state issues: medical malpractice reform, education, economic development, and participation.

Collision Detection has an excellent writeup/review of the project.

My verdict? It's incredibly cool, and possibly one of the best political games I've ever seen. That's because political games are usually caught in a design dilemma: If you foreground the game's “message”, it's usually at the expense of gameplay — the game is boring. But if you focus on merely creating killer gameplay, then the play takes over and the sense of “message” can be lost. The best games are thus ones that try to illustrate a dynamic process, because dynamic processes are sort of game-like to begin with. That's why economics and law can, oddly, be a lot of fun to study. You think of a bunch of rules, set them in motion, and see what happens; then you tinker with the rules and see what happens again. It's just like any of Will Wright's good Sim games.

The convergence of gaming, politics, dynamic systems, and Illinois in one link? Very cool. I played and my sick people died quickly. My liberal malpractice limits must have been a poor strategy.

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