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Monday · September 27 2004

I jackknifed into seat 28F and looked down to the seat pouch for the pre-takeoff reading. Bill O'Reilly's beady eyes peeked out at me. They rested just above the diagram of the airplane emergency exits. I grabbed Bill's head, tore off the magazine cover and ripped it in quarters for emphasis. Bill was also on the table of contents page, so I shredded that too.

Stacy turned to me with that startled “what the fuck are you doing?” expression. “That guy is a fucking asshole and I'm not gonna spend the next 2 hours with him staring at me.” She's somewhere between shock and laughter, but we're on a plane to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, so how surprised can she really be? “I don't know who Bill O'Reilly is.” “He's an asshole. What else do you need to know?”

That's right. I ripped up a picture of a man in a silent tantrum on an airplane. I'm a grown-up.

On the ride home, I took the magazine out of the pouch and flipped it around so Bill faced the back of the seat. I didn't want to make a scene.

What you had to say:
September 27 2004

Not a comment on the Bill O'Reilly "incident" -- but I just wanted to say it was great seeing you both last Friday. I hope it is not so long before we can all hang out again, either here or in Chicago.

Jason, I enjoyed being able to engage in music-geek banter for a few hours. Perhaps you could send me a mix of your faves when you have time? And check out that band I mentioned called the Standard; I really think you would like their new album "Wire Post to Wire."

September 27 2004

I'll check them out, Andrew. I'm going to put a new mix together soon, and I'll make sure you get a copy.

I'm starting to gather a few more people here who like to write reviews now and again. If you (or anyone else) is interested in doing something like that once a month (or even less, depending on your schedule), let's do it. I've put a few feelers out to a couple of you, but I need to get it all organized.

Music-geek talk? Always fun.

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