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Wednesday · September 22 2004

Why doesn't Chicago have a smoking ban?
I'm a complete fascist when it comes to public indoor smoking. Damn the consequences or implications of curbing your right to make me smell like an ashtray.

Ban it.

Pardon the overbearing voice today. It's been a long week of data parsing. When is vacation? Tomorrow? Good.

What you had to say:
September 22 2004

a smoking ban here would be the best thing ever. something i really miss from when i lived in CA.

September 22 2004

The only time I wish I lived in California are the times I can't breathe for all the smoke. Plus my contacts dry out and I can barely see at the end of the evening. I hate it when I don't plan ahead and have to wash my jeans earlier than I would normally. :)

September 22 2004

That would be SO WONDERFUL. I once told on a guy who lit up in a bar in NYC.

It seems like you guys take a helluva lot of vacation! ;)

September 22 2004

yeah it's definitely a bonus of living in cali- if you want to have a cancer stick- then you go outside and do so- there's a whole social scene anyways outside the bars from all the smokers. The difference is it's nice weather here year round- people in chicago with 10 below may not like that too much!!

September 22 2004

I wouldn't exactly count the insane weekend drive to Georgia and back as vacation. We took the trip to Seattle/Portland for a full vacation. Everything else is just little weekend trips. Day off here and there. I like splitting it up that way.

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