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Tuesday · September 21 2004

More on Kerry's NYU speech yesterday from Noam Scheiber:

John Kerry's Iraq speech at NYU this morning is easily the best thing to come out of his mouth during the campaign.

We've been waiting how long for Kerry to attack on the current situation in Iraq? Keep at it.

The response from Bush and Cheney:

He's saying he prefers the stability of the dictatorship to the hope and security of democracy.

That's not what Kerry is saying, but even still, the irony is thick. Hasn't the U.S. went along with the stability of dictators for several decades, under administrations of both parties, as long as they were friendly to U.S. interests (oil, anti-Soviet)? The “do as I say, not as I do” approach to foreign policy. It's a tangential point, but it jumped out at me.

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September 21 2004

have you heard anything more about a request from some state department that Bush be more frank about the Iraq situation? I heard a snippet on NPR that Bush's "take" on the Iraq situation was almost too overly optimistic. I got the impression they thought it might be almost lying. Which is always a favorite foreign policy for any government.

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