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Monday · September 20 2004

The weekend update is short and sweet this Monday.

I did two things. I saw The Fiery Furnaces, and I wrote alot of data parsing code.

Guess which was more fun. (The show is worthy of its own post. I have never seen a band do what they did.)

Next weekend will be much better.

Stacy is surprising me with a weekend trip to place unknown for our 4th anniversary. Actually, it's not as much of a surprise as it was a couple days ago, because Stacy's mom slipped and told me the general location.

So as to keep the spirit of the surprise alive, I'm going to keep you, the dear reader, in the dark. It's not quite the same since you don't have as much of an interested stake as I do, but if we lump all your tiny slivers of interest together, it should be enough to make a misshapen ball of surprise slightly larger than a fist. And that'll have to do.

What you had to say:
September 21 2004

I'm interested! Hope you have a good time.

September 22 2004

El Gato is out of the bag. But good play, Stevie. I'll be talkin to you.

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