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Monday · September 20 2004

Did you ever buy an album, go home and listen to it, and then want to run back out and buy a copy for everybody you know?

Funeral by The Arcade Fire.

Coming to Chicago the day after Thanksgiving and I won't be here. Bah.

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What you had to say:
September 20 2004

This one seems to be sold out everywhere in Denver, unfortunately. But I downloaded a couple of songs (via a link you provided) and they are great.

Have you checked out a band called Augie March? They have little in common with Arcade Fire, but are worth a listen. Think late Beatles plus Flaming Lips (sans Wayne), and you're in the ballpark.

I hear you'll be out here later this week. Hopefully we can all get together, perhaps catch a show.

September 20 2004

Is it a Colorado thing that makes you all bad at keeping secrets? Thin air? :P Seriously, though, it sounds like we might see some of you guys. I hope it works out.

Andrew, order it off the Merge Records site ( They'll even send you a mini-poster. All of my shipments from Merge have had little goodies included.

I've heard of Augie March, but don't have any tracks by them.

Thanks for writing, Andrew. It's been seriously quiet around here on the comment front.

September 20 2004

I've always been bad at keeping secrets, regardless of geographic location, so I can't answer that for you.

I'll order that Arcade Fire pronto. Thanks for the info.

Snow Patrol is playing on Friday night in Denver, if that interests you. Actually, I think Matt has already mentioned that to Stacy so I'm probably being redundant. In any event, hoping to see you both later this week.

September 20 2004

You won't be disappointed.

I pull my sidebar album and book pictures off Amazon. Until today, Amazon hadn't yet posted a picture for this record. Then, tonight, it's there. That's buzz for ya.

October 13 2004

My boss has kidnapped my copy. I just noticed this post about the concert! And I won't be here either! Bah!

October 13 2004

Kidnapped? At what ransom?

October 13 2004

:) I am not sure yet. I think I just have to not make him borrow a Midnight Oil CD ever, ever again.

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