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Friday · September 17 2004

Chicago Public Library Look-up Bookmarklet
You're looking at a book on and wondering if your local library has it on the shelf. This link can do it for you in one step. Ian at The Box Factory has adapted Jon Udell's LibraryLookup bookmarklet for the Chicago Public Library. Go to Ian's CPL page and follow his directions.

To use the bookmarket, drag one of the links below to browser navigation toolbar. Now call up the details of a desired title at Amazon or equivalent, and then click the 'Chicago Public Library Look-Up' toolbar button. With-in 5-15 seconds, details of the title should appear if available, listing the relevant library inventory and location details.

I found Jon Udell's LibraryLookup page last night and mucked around a bit trying to get it work with the CPL, but no luck. That's cool someone else figured it out. Check the lists at Jon's page for the link for your local library.

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September 17 2004

darn it, I really need to reactive my library card account

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