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Thursday · September 16 2004

I wish I had time this morning to write a long birthday story for my sister like I did for Stacy last week, but the truth is, I don't. I wrote her a personal letter this morning. Kristin was here in Chicago last week and it was so great to spend some time together. I'm not going to say I never realized how much I'd miss her living in California, because I always knew I would. And I do.

Happy Birthday, Kris. Enjoy your day.

What you had to say:
September 16 2004

Thanks Jay!!
And thanks for the personal email this morning...
I will enjoy my day- working most of it- have my first softball game tonight of the season. Should be a good time.

September 16 2004

Happy birthday Kristin!

September 16 2004

have an awesome bday, K!

September 16 2004

Happy Happy Birthday Kristin!

September 17 2004

Happy Birthday!!!

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