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Tuesday · September 14 2004

Keyes says game plan is controversy

Declaring that his campaign strategy is dependent on controversy, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alan Keyes told the state's top GOP donors at a recent closed-door meeting that he plans to make “inflammatory” comments “every day, every week” until the election, according to several sources at the session.

I thought he just had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth. I feel better knowing this is Keyes' strategy.

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September 14 2004

The question really is how the press will respond to this strategy.

I've come to believe that Keyes is not actually attempting to run a viable campaign against Barack. Pretty much the entire leadership of the Illinois GOP despises Keyes - Sun-Times reporters at the RNC said they refused to even look at him - but they installed him as their hopeless candidate for the Senate anyway, and I think they were ordered to by the party's national leadership. His mission isn't to win the election, it's to force Barack to continuously respond to inflammatory bullshit, thus distracting him from what he really should be doing - helping Kerry win the Presidency.

September 14 2004

I'm all for Obama helping Kerry out, but I think Kerry needs to do a better job of helping himself. His campaign has been underwhelming since the RNC.

What did Krugman say today?

"If Senator John Kerry really has advisers telling him not to attack Mr. Bush on national security, he should dump them. When Dick Cheney is saying vote Bush or die, responding with speeches about jobs and health care doesn't cut it."

As far as Keyes goes, he can't win. Period. The best he can hope for is to tarnish Barack-star for the future.

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