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Friday · September 10 2004

Two fan sites for The Fiery Furnaces:

Dan's review of Blueberry Boat, one of my favorites this year:

The Sound of the Kitchen Sink

By the time I got to the impossibly sweet relief of the second half of “1917”, I couldn't help feeling worn out; worn out by the spasmodic mind fuck of the previous nine songs and opening half of the tenth. It's as if the brother/sister team realized that by this point in the Byzantine endurance test of their new album “Blueberry Boat”, even the most devout adventurer needs a break. Sure, there are other breaks along the way like the pulsing “Paw Paw Tree”, but none as resolved as the late album string of “1917”, “Birdie Brain” and “Turning Round.”

Someone should have been kind enough to mention to The Fiery Furnaces that there is no multiplier in pop music for look-ma-no-hands song writing stunts. Good despite the opera, the album wins when two brothers agonize over a girl in “Chief Inspector Blancheflower,” not the torture in getting to it. Hey guys, it's the vocal riffs, not what you bury them in.


Two other, recent reviews of Blueberry Boat at and NPR's Fresh Air

The Fiery Furnaces are playing next Friday, the 17th, at Empty Bottle. We'll be there.

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