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Friday · September 10 2004

I'm wondering why nobody holds mini-golf tournaments. Of course, there's probably a devoted club, and I'm just not on the newsletter mailing list. There's probably an entire Chicago mini-golf semi-pro tour that I'm missing out on. Every other Thursday, they play one of the manicured, suburban courses with the rock desert landscaping and braided rope bridges. But come late September, the real jewel prize is winning the Masters' weekend at Novelty Golf over by Lincoln and Devon.

If my birthday wasn't in December, you know I'd have Masters' weekend moved to accomodate.

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September 13 2004

ESPN2 used to show "pro" mini-golf tournaments from time to time. The winner would usually get about a 19 or 20 for 18 holes.

September 13 2004

I caught a glimpse of this a couple weeks ago while out to lunch at Chili's. I didn't see much of what was happening, but enough to know that mini-golf was on television. Have you ever seen frisbee golf on TV?

September 13 2004

No. I've played frisbee golf, but never seen it. Ultimate is on CSTV, however.

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