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Thursday · September 09 2004

Please go to said the gramophone and download “Tunnels (Neighborhood #1)” by The Arcade Fire.

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My sister says it's the best song she's heard this year. And my sister doesn't say things like that. This is what opens Funeral, the tune that saunters out of the wood, slips into the starting blocks, and then lightnings into your heart. When the high-hats break out between those guitars, that fierce realisation of a destination, there's suddenly magic loose. And when the steel drums ring like synths or The Edge or Joy Division or aurora borealis or something, the chorus becomes a necessity, a truth I need Win Butler to sing. I'm caught up in it, struggling through those snow-tunnels, lying in other peoples' beds and dreaming fearing screaming. He sings of parents - “What ever happened to them?!” - but when he yells it, I hear something different: “WHAT THE HELL WE GONNA DO!?” It's a song to dance to, to sing to (“ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh”), for cresting love or overwhelming faith. And when at 3:20 we hear that bit of the chorus that's never been sung before, that glorious new rise, I feel like a door's opening up in the sky, a bright goldredgreenblue window: “the song I've been trying to say.”

It's even better than that.

(If it's already gone from that site, ask me for it, and I can send it to you.)

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