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Thursday · September 09 2004

Stacy and I met on the afternoon of Friday, September 6, 1996. I lived in my mom's basement. She lived with Anneke in a corner apartment on Brainerd St. in Boston. Bill Clinton was still serving his first term in the Oval Office. If you've heard this story before, listen again; I remember something new each time I tell it.

We've probably told you this much by now: I had a business trip to NYC during that week. Anneke lived in Boston and wanted me to extend the trip to visit her place for the weekend. I showed up on Friday and met Stacy as she stepped out of the bathroom post-shower with a towel on her head. No doubt, seeing her, I had immediate designs.

We talked on the T riding downtown, flirted at the outdoor Morphine/Cardigans/They Might Be Giants show at the Hatch Shell, and sat on her porch till 3 am with Anneke's friend, Reed — wondering if he'd ever get the hint to beat it — mixing a bottle of rum with a case of Coca-Cola.

That's the part I remember best, since that's the story we tell when you ask how we met. Then we skip on to the part about me leaving the band, packing the U-Haul, and moving to the Brookline apartment on Kilsyth with Will and Courtney. At the time, I said I moved because I needed to get out of the basement and I hated my job. But we know now I went to woo a girl.

What else do I remember? I had a flight back to Chicago at 6pm on that Sunday, the 8th. Anneke, Allen, and Stacy dropped me off at Logan Airport. I was sad to leave and return to the basement and the boring job. The next day was Stacy's birthday and I wanted to spend that day with her too. I didn't want to go back home at all.

Movies have taught me to always look behind you before entering the jetway. You never know when the girl you just met and fell for might be running through the terminal, ready to abandon her life in Boston, with an extra ticket for the seat next to yours on the way back to Chicago. This didn't happen, of course, because I never got to the jetway. Bad weather cancelled all flights into Chicago that night. I got a voucher for a room and dinner at the airport hotel and a rescheduled ticket for the first flight out in the morning.

I checked in and called Stacy and Anneke's apartment.

Hi Stacy. It's Jason. My flight was cancelled and I'm at the Marriott by the airport. Do you want to drive back out and see me?

She told me much later that had she said no, Allen and Anneke would have tossed her in the trunk and dropped her at my door. They weren't going to let shyness and indecision interfere with fate.

If she's coming and tomorrow is her birthday, I best find something to give her before she gets here. Hotel gift shop. Lessee, candy bars, People magazine, Cheers shot glasses, a porcelain plate painted with highlights from The Freedom Trail, and Celtics and Patriots sweatshirts. No.

Is there anywhere I can buy flowers or a birthday card?
Hmm, not here, sorry. You'd have to drive into the city, I think.

I went back to the room and wrote Stacy a birthday poem on the hotel letterhead. It was a sappy, rhyming poem that she certainly still has hidden away somewhere in a letterbox, but that's all part of the wooing. She knocked on my door (holding an overnight bag!). I gave her my rhyming ode to birthdays and romance, we ordered room service, and we watched the crappy Batman movie that has Drew Barrymore in it.

Then we skip on to the part about me leaving the band, packing the U-Haul, and moving to the Brookline apartment on Kilsyth with Will and Courtney. At the time, I said I moved because I needed to get out of the basement and I hated my job. But we know now I went to woo a girl.

September 9 is Stacy's birthday. Happy Birthday, Stace. I wouldn't change one word in our story.

What you had to say:
September 09 2004

This is a great story.

September 09 2004

Happy Birthday Stacy!!

September 09 2004

That is so sweet! I didn't know Jason was so romantic:)
Happy Birthday Stacy! I hope it's a great one.

September 09 2004

I KNOW! what a romantic. I almost cried while reading this in my sports law class. there's no crying in law school though.


September 09 2004

wow. never heard some of those details before. that's an awesome story. happy bday stac, and happy anniversary of that sweet meeting, guys.

September 09 2004

Thanks everyone! I remember everything in this story like it was yesterday, not 8 years ago. Thanks, Jason, for writing it down so well!

September 09 2004

I love this story....

September 13 2004

I'd just like to say for the record that I don't remember it that way at all. I don't recall being on the porch with Stacy, Jason, rum and Coke at 3 am. I recall going to that brewpub place on Comm Ave. with Jason and Stacy and then suddenly (albeit very late in the evening) realizing "ohhhh, that's what's going on here."

I remember nothing after that, which means that I either went home, in which case your story is inaccurate, or that I was way too drunk to know what was going on anymore, but I doubt that, because if that were the case I'd recall puking the next day, and I don't recall doing that.

Either way, I apologize. I really hope you weren't holding a grudge about that for eight years.

Either way, Stacy and Jason were clearly meant to be from that moment onward, and I'm happy to say I witnessed the genesis of such a quality couple.

Happy Birthday, Stacey.

September 13 2004

Oh man, Reed. There's certainly been no grudge and absolutely zero to apologize for. My phrasing wasn't meant in any mean way, just humor as part of a story that Stacy and I have recounted to each other for years.

That said, I'm quite sure my story is more or less accurate. I don't remember what time you left, but you had drinks with us on the porch. I've been in the same situation unawares several times in my life and had a laugh about it afterwards.

I'd like to give you a call right now and say it's all good, but take my word for it. It is.

September 13 2004

I'm glad to know that I didn't make a total ass of myself, although it wouldn't matter too much if I did since everything worked out for the best. I'm very pleased that I scored at least a bit part in the retelling of your love story. When they make it into a movie, I'd like Jon Favreau to play me.

September 13 2004

As long as Ethan Hawke can play me.

September 20 2004

hi stacey um did u finish the game on mean girls wordrobe week can u tell me the answers cause i cant do it

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