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Tuesday · September 07 2004

I went to the Cubs outing for Stacy's company last month and picked up a free t-shirt from a girl handing them out on the Sheffield sidewalk. WXRT sponsored the giveaway and designed the shirts around the “W” theme, as in WXRT and the W flag that flies over Wrigley after a Cub win. The design has a large blue “W” on the front of a white tee and the back has a number of Cub-related phrases with fill in the blank spaces for a “W” like “Ronnie _oo _oo.”

I've worn the t-shirt to work a couple times, but Saturday was the first time I walked around the neighborhood with the “W” shirt. I got a couple strange looks from people as I walked by them, even a disapproving “tsk.” I don't get it. I live a mile north of the unofficial Wrigleyville border; should be plenty of Cub fans around. It's not like I donned it for the Sox game on Wednesday. I let sleeping dogs lie when it comes to unwinnable debates.

In the bookstore, a guy gave me a double take and approached me as I handed The Egyptologist to Stacy, “Where did you get that shirt?”

“I got it for free outside Wrigley a few weeks ago,” I answered.

“Oh, I was hoping that's what you'd say. I thought maybe you were wearing a t-shirt supporting Bush.”

Stacy and I walked home, her with a new Egyptology novel, and me with my arms folded across my chest.

What you had to say:
September 08 2004

Hah, that's funny. I hadn't put it together but I remember hearing a story while ago about all of the Bush paraphernalia you can buy that features a large W. Being basically apolitical myself I'll not be wearing that t-shirt in public again--I'll put it in my pajama pile.

September 09 2004

ha, that is hilarious. good story. ha! you got punked!

September 09 2004

It's not really a George W shirt. You got that part, right?

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