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Tuesday · September 07 2004

Saturday morning, we hopped into Dad's new toy, the VW Touareg, for the family field trip down to Millenium Park. Why didn't we take the L? I already told you. Dad has a new toy. I played tour guide for him, Darlene, and Kristin, who is in town from California for the week.

We gaped like good tourists should at the Millenium Park goodies. We also saw Dan's Mobile City Farmstead on display at the Chicago Green exhibit at the Architecture Foundation. We listened to a band practice for their evening show at the Jazz Fest. After that, Dad, Stacy, Kristin, and I played a round of the best kind of golf — mini golf — at The Green at Grant Park. Dad's hole-in-one crushed my spirit and my 2 stroke lead with 5 holes to play, but I didn't lose any golf balls, so it's all good. Before heading home, we had time for a peek at the Tiffany Dome in the Chicago Cultural Center, my favorite room in the city.

This was our family field trip.

What you had to say:
September 07 2004

That was the hardest mini-golf I have ever played.

September 08 2004

I think we are doing the same thing this weekend- parents and all (except the new toy, alas). I love minigolf, but maybe we'll stay away from that.

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