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Friday · September 03 2004

We hosted the bookclub last night for Stacy's pick, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I think it was our biggest turnout yet. I'm impressed that we've been able to keep it going for a year and a half. Many groups would wither with the amount of turnover we've had, but readable books and an open, friendly tone have kept it fun and something I look forward to. I want to thank everyone who has taken part — past and present.

Until now, we have used the “you pick, you host” policy. Next time out, we're taking the RBC public with a group pick, following suit with the Chicago Public Library's One Book, One Chicago program selection: In the Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez. The plan is to meet at Hopleaf on October 14th. The One Book, One Chicago program has planned several other book events for the following week, including 2 author appearances, a panel discussion, and a film screening.

RBC wear is optional.

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What you had to say:
September 03 2004

And a delightful gathering it was too!

September 03 2004

yes it was- a delightful gathering and good turnout. thanks again to chris and tom for joining the group. sarah, i picked up the book today- looks good.

September 03 2004

I've really enjoyed it . . . glad I joined up. I'm sure I'll remain a regular.

September 03 2004

Glad people enjoyed the book! It was a great time.

September 03 2004

I'm moving back to the north side next month like a prodigal son. Can I get back in the group or am I banned for life?

September 03 2004

I know I speak for everyone on this: Welcome back, H.B.

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