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Wednesday · September 01 2004

The Vice Guide to Everything
This is the sixth explanatory, unfunny tag I've re-written. So there. Read. Be offended. Laugh. Share it with your co-worker. Just don't let me find text snippits of it buried in some thirty-thrice forwarded email in my inbox come December.

What you had to say:
September 01 2004

whoa. 'the guide to making you feel that the only way NOT to fuck up is to never speak & never leave the house again'.

September 01 2004

Right on. These guys have basically eliminated all possibility of casual conversation. There's a reason why people talk about dogs and the weather - they're innocuous topics and sometimes it just feels nice to be talking and listening.

One reason not to move to NYC is that it's hard to feel cool there so that people start claiming to be above everything just so they can hold their heads up.

I did laugh out loud at a lot of this, though.

September 01 2004

Yeah, you're just supposed to laugh. I wouldn't go taking any of this seriously.

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