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Wednesday · September 01 2004

Playing to Strength: Why the Democrats should stop calling Bush stubborn

Howard Dean got it right when he said that people don't like President Bush because they agree with his policies. They like him because they think he's a strong leader. Unless Democrats can undermine that belief, they don't have a chance of regaining the presidency.

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September 01 2004

Well, what's misleading about that quote is the "they don't have a chance" part, doncha think? I mean according to Rasmussen, Bush and Kerry are completely tied in the polls, and the Bush campaign - well both campaigns - seem scared as hell.

It wouldn't bug me so much but I keep running into registered-but-not-so-up-on-things people who are under the impression that Bush is way ahead heading into the fall. I guess it's portrayed that way on TV or something - that Kerry is the underdog. But he isn't. Nobody is.

September 01 2004

I usually cut quotes out to entice someone to read the entire article. I liked the main point of the article. I didn't take the last part of it as strongly as you did, namely that Kerry is a huge underdog. This guy is just another writer. He can't predict what sorts of things will give Bush or Kerry a chance any better than anyone else.

My only read on who is ahead daily is from reading the poll results at My impression from the polls recorded there is that the states not colored dark red or dark blue seem to switch around alot and I have no idea which side they'll end up on. It's actually rather frustrating, because I wish we could just get on and over with the election. I'm not feeling like there's a whole lot else that's gonna surprise us. And of course, I'm probably wrong.

September 01 2004

Wait a minute. Are you saying that I should actually read the article before I respond to it? What are you, French?

That reminds me: Bush later claimed he was misquoted or something but I'm pretty sure that when he said he didn't read he made millions of stupid Americans feel that they could understand and trust him.

Kerry = College Guy Who Reads Books and Thinks He's Better Than Us
Bush = Normal American Guy Who Kicks Ass

September 01 2004

You definitely made me rethink my choice of excerpt-quotes. If I could re-do, I'd cut out the following:

The protesters and convention speakers have a lot in common, in fact, including a preference for empty slogans and false choices. But more important, they both believe that showing resolve is the most important political act. The protesters believe that if enough of them are willing to lie down in the streets and get arrested—and if they do it over and over and over again—the American people will be persuaded to consider their point of view. The convention speakers agree that doing something over and over and over again, being unwavering and unchangeable, is the best way to pull Americans to your side.

September 01 2004

Wow. You're right. That's some clear thinking. And it articulates a legitimate quarrel with the protests in a way I hadn't quite been able to get my mind around.

Weird, though. I mean, the historical take on the '68 DNC in Chicago is that the TV coverage of the protests threw the election to Nixon because voters felt he and not Humphrey would be tough enough to keep these crazy hippies in line and away from their daughters.

Following that logic, the best thing that could happen tonight would be a massive tide of humanity breaking down the doors to the convention and setting fire to the Garden, with live cameras covering the whole horrorshow. Then Dave and Edna in Akron go to sleep wondering whether Bush knows a damn thing about keeping the country safe. Maybe this wouldn't be so crazy with this Kerry guy in charge.

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