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Wednesday · September 01 2004

Harper's Index for August 2004

State grant awarded a Missouri police department's Youth Outreach Unit two years ago to battle Goth culture : $273,000

Amount the Unit returned to the state in April after no Goth-influenced youth could be found to aid : $132,000

Amount spent in the interim to set up the program : $141,000

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What you had to say:
September 02 2004

I'm not sure wear to put this, but I had to share:

Please look, and enjoy.

September 02 2004

Also, I'm an idiot, and it's late. Wear = where.

September 02 2004

Do you think the State of Missouri has infiltrated the Cure and is responsible for that current single on the radio? And for the well-documented string of sub-par post-Smiths Johnny Marr releases? Killing Goth culture, one icon at a time.

September 03 2004

He's a spy! He's a spy!

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