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Thursday · August 26 2004

We're driving to Atlanta and back, leaving tonight and returning Sunday. This seemed like a better idea at the time, but full iPod batteries should ease the pain.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll be back Monday.

What you had to say:
August 26 2004

oooo. that sounds long! have a great time!

August 27 2004

What's in Atlanta? Rest and relaxation? Have fun!

August 27 2004

now I am looking forward to driving to Ohio. Sounds a lot closer. You guys are travelling fiends this summer!

August 27 2004

jason and stacy are the professional traveling fiends every year, i try to live vicariously thru them!

August 29 2004

I don't care where you're going; if you drive 22 hours in 3 days, rest and relaxation are not part of the deal.

We drove to Kennesaw, GA (north of Atlanta) for Stacy's cousin's wedding.

This was our first trip back to the area since last summer when the reason for going (Stacy's grandmother's funeral) was not joyous. Here's that story...

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