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Wednesday · August 25 2004

I'm buying tickets today for The Mountain Goats show October 3 at Empty Bottle. I've yapped the praises of John Darnielle enough here for the last 6 months, so if I haven't convinced you by now that he's worth seeing before you're too old and need babysitters and car seats, then it's a good thing I'm not in sales.

$12, October 3, @ Empty Bottle with John Vanderslice. Also playing October 2 at The Open End Gallery. Anyone familiar with the show layout there?

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What you had to say:
August 25 2004

JOHN VANERSLICE!!!!!! Oh my god, will you buy me tickets? I will pay you at the book club meeting in 2 weeks if that's alright.

August 25 2004

er. a sigular ticket should do. pretty please with cherries.

August 25 2004

Hey alexis,
I bought tix already, but here's the link there to where you can order. It's will call only so easier if you have your own name on it.

Stace, Chris and I are going, so far. Looking forward to you coming too.

Second, the bookclub meeting is a week from thursday. Wasn't sure if that's what you meant, but didn't want you to be confused.

August 25 2004

Cool, I just ordered my tickets. And I was sort of aware of when the book club was, but now I have no excuse not to put it in my day planner.

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