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Tuesday · August 24 2004

We're driving to Georgia this weekend for our final wedding of the summer. The trusty and unsexy Toyota Corolla looked haggard from the demands of daily commuting and negligence: unwashed exterior, balled up napkins and receipts on the floor, splashed coffee on the interior vinyl, tangled cell phone and iPod/cassette wires, and empty CD cases strewn across the backseat. The car needed some lovin.

I stopped at mechanic Dave's Express Care across the street for an oil change and a maintenance checkup. Mechanic Dave has a new loyal customer for regular car maintenance. Me.

He treated me like a real person even though I don't change my own oil. He gave me extra fuel injector cleaning fluid. Mechanic Dave took my car for a wash so I could get back to work and pick it up after lunch in one stop. Mechanic Dave wished me a safe trip and asked me to please return to his shop next time for the air filter.

Restaurants, book stores, auto shops…doesn't matter. If you are in the business of providing a service, then provide good service. I'll come back every time.

What you had to say:
August 24 2004

This is a fantastic category . . . businesses that treat you like human beings. I'd love to hear more recommendations (in particular, a record store that has good stuff but the staff isn't mean). Off the top of my head, my picks: Siegel's Optical in Lincoln Square (unfortunately, up for sale), Beans & Bagels (the coffee shop under the tracks at Montrose), and Paulina Market (the butcher shop and grocery that looks like it's in a converted Social Security office).

I've also had good experiences buying musical gear at Midwest Buy-N-Sell (as a bad musician picking up the craft later in life, they were helpful and understanding), but others haven't had the same luck as me.

August 24 2004

Thee is no such thing as a record store that doesn't have mean or clueless employees. All record store employees are 100% one or the other, depending on where they work. Small store = pricks. Big store = clueless. I've tried so hard to shop at Laurie's Planet of Sound, but they make me feel somewhere in between maggot pupae and a paramecium. Once the girl talked to me about Carolyn Mark and I felt so special I almost yelped in glee.

Most people don't care if record store clerks are cool to them, but it bothers me. I want to be part of their little 'mean girls' club and they won't let me.

You are right, Chris. This is a fantastic category. I'm going to institute it here at this site: Businesses that treat me like a human being.

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