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Monday · August 23 2004

Is anyone else bracing themselves for Olympic withdrawl symptoms after this weekend? I have many complaints about NBC's coverage, but I still have to watch.

The Olympics is reality television genetically engineered to please me: bite-size clips of random sports with lots of numbers, hierarchy, and human interest emotion. Watching it is not a decision.

What you had to say:
August 23 2004

I am. Case in point: the triple-jump. Watched the triple-jump finals last night, and it's an incredible sport. Maybe it's only incredible once every four years, but I still love it. Diving is great, too. And I like water polo, though without cable I haven't been able to see any of it.

August 23 2004

Triple jump is a perfect example of my beef with NBC's coverage. I like the Olympics for the irrational, one-way attachment I develop with these obscure athletes. They make such a weak effort with many of the field events and show only 4 or 5 attempts. No drama, no attachment, no story.

I'd like to know more about the triple jump atheltes and their skills, but I only get the medal winning jumps. It's about quality of event coverage, not quantity of events covered.

I know we only have so many hours in the day to show Olympics, but I'm willing. I watched a Japanese woman run towards a camera for 2 hours yesterday morning.

August 23 2004

I am definitely going to go through Olympic withdrawal. If I were king, there would be no work for the 2 weeks of the Olympics - then they could show more in-depth coverage of the events and I could be a couch potato 24/7.

August 23 2004

Yeah I could have used about another hour of triple jump.

August 23 2004

I thought it was just cause i don't have cable!. John and i watched the olympics all day yesterday. I too watched the tiny japanese lady and really bad for the tall english one.

My favorite was how right before the men's 100m they had this whole build-up on Mo Green although anyone who watched the prelims earlier in the day would have known that he was gonna get creamed. I was surprised that Crawford didn't win but I bet he comes back and takes the 200. (i luv his pimp mustache!)

am i missing something tho? when was the triple jump on? was that the one with the hemingway kid? I thought it was called something else....

August 23 2004

woops! that should be " i felt really bad".. for the tall english one

August 23 2004

The triple jump was on for about five minutes right at the end of the evening last night. If you got up to wipe the tears from your eyes after the Mo Green piece, you'd've missed it.

I, too, liked the buildup for Mo. . . the fact that they are stringing us along like when they ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED strikes me as especially, um, dishonest. I did, however, enjoy the shot of him trying to look "gracious" after getting the bronze.

August 23 2004

I've tried really hard to not let the tape-delay effect suck all the life from these games, but it sorta has. The only moments when I've been genuinely surprised and excited were Paul Hamm's comeback win (which I had to carefully avoid knowing about) and the woman marathoner Deena Kastor who got bronze on Sunday.

If I had to name my favorite moment so far, it would be the look on Kastor's face as she crossed the line. That struck me as a real triumph. My eyes were moist.

August 24 2004

The marathon was live i think. That was pretty amazing!
I know what you guys mean about the tape delay. but last night John and I knew the outcome of the women's beach volleyball and it looked like May/Walsh just killed so we weren't going to watch it. however, we did anyway and it was some pretty exciting volleyball regardless of the score.

August 25 2004

Having Tivo is the BEST for the Olympics. I just wish we had the 80 hour unit instead of the 40. I get through 4-8 hours of coverage a day in about 2-4 hours. nice.

As far as tape delay? I'm in law school and have no clue what's going on out there, so my Tivo tells me that NBC is doing fine, and Athens is in the same time zone as the rocky mountain state.

August 25 2004

My neighbor said the same thing about TiVo and the Olympics. I'm going to get a TV tuner card on my replacement PC at home, so I'll soon have TiVo like abilities limited only by the size of my hard drive. Easy to make movies on DVDs too.

I wish I had it for the last couple weeks, though. I could have watched alot of things during the time I'm wasting now with commercials.

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