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Thursday · August 19 2004

Eric Zorn reflects on a year of blogging at The Chicago Tribune and re-ups for another.

Writing and posting entries to the Web takes me two or three hours most days—far more time than I envisioned when laying plans last summer for a little site onto which I'd toss snarky observations and whimsical remarks—and I'm always, always distracted by the search for material.

I cut down my distraction from “always, always” to a simple “just about always.”

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What you had to say:
August 19 2004

i need a "none of the above" choice to click on for today's poll.

August 19 2004

Go nuts.

August 19 2004

we appreciate your work though kegz, really we do! It's such a nice break from distribution discrepancies.

August 19 2004

Actually I had a blog and then I realized I had absolutely nothing to really say. I was mostly posting doodles anyways and now I don't do as many at work.

August 19 2004

Obviously, the poll answers I posted today were poor.

August 19 2004


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