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Wednesday · August 18 2004

"Me and Mia" — Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
From their upcoming, October release, Shake the Sheets.

This song will make your Wednesday afternoon go faster.

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What you had to say:
August 18 2004

Somehow, it seems unfair that it's already afternoon for you. On a Saturday, of course, it's unfair for those of us on Central/Eastern time.

August 18 2004

As a child, I was fascinated with the idea of living within minutes of the International Date Line and making every weekend 3 days long. I'm older now, and I still think there might be a way to make it work.

Tori, I never thought how you get extra screwed crossing back 2 time zones to go to work each week. If you went the other way, you'd be much better off. Better yet, you'll be even happier with no weekly time zones to cross.

August 18 2004

I was debating living on Central time and just showing up late in Chicago and early in SF, but now my body just really has no time zone. I wake up around 5, or 7, or 6, or 5, or 8, depending on the day. It's pretty funny.

Another fun thing is the hotels. When I went to Maine for a wedding a few weeks ago, I woke up in my hotel room, turned on the Weather Channel and thought, "Why the hell are they showing the forecast for the east coast on the local weather?" Gah!

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