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Monday · August 16 2004

Despite the following pile of suck, I did enjoy the weekend. After being out of town the last two, I was happy to be back on my own turf, in my own bed, driving my own car, and shopping at my own grocery store.

What suck?

Missed the Polyphonic Spree show on Friday. Shame on me.

Played in a golf scramble Saturday afternoon. Here's our new deal. Whenever I say I'm going to play golf, you write me emails begging me not to. Friends don't let friends piss away their happiness swearing at a fucking ball. Stacy thinks golf would be fun in theory.

Lost my ass in the Saturday night poker game. Twice, my 3 of a kind lost to Pete's straights. Was an ugly sight.

We done right stopping for Saturday dinner at Tre Kronor, a Swedish restaurant, at Foster and Kedzie. Service was kinda slow because it was packed, but the food was very good. I had misestimated the place due to the low key exterior. I thought it was more of a snack shop, but it's definitely a dinner spot worth a return trip.

What you had to say:
August 16 2004

Sorry to hear your weekend wasn't the best imaginable; an alternative post is "I spent the whole weekend sitting on my ass." Better to have played and lost than to not have played at all.

I watched some Olympics this weekend in between my hiking at Point Reyes and touring Golden Gate Park. I'm kind of jazzed up about the basketball team losing to Puerto Rico. I think it's about time the pro players' cockiness was thrown back in their faces.

I took my mom to Tre Kronor for Christmas Eve last year when she visited; she is of 100% Swedish heritage. We had the five or six-course traditional smorgasbord; we think I enjoyed the traditional flair more than the fare, but overall it was a great experience. The meatballs were almost as good as my grandfather's. The desserts were scrumptious. The pickled herring was . . . well, pickled herring. And they had more than nine types.

August 16 2004

We had the meatballs (which were great), so that's all I can really speak about. Stacy and I walked in there wearing shorts after playing golf thinking we were getting a quick and casual sandwich type of meal. It's not a fancy place, but we were underdressed. Instead of 30 minutes in and out, it took and hour and a half. Most of the customers were 45+ and had brought their own bottles of wine. Next time, I'll know better and prepare.

I did sit on my ass plenty yesterday, but that was just fine. I left the house twice: once for groceries and once for propane to cook the groceries. The rest of the time, I watched Olympics, I watched the Cubs bullpen blow the game to LA, and I played Tales of Symphonia, the Gamecube RPG I'm addicted to.

August 16 2004

Jay- do you have Gamecube now? I was in Pasadena on sat/sunday for a wedding- good times. Then sat on my butt all of last night. I'll be home in 3 weeks which i'm looking forward to seeing friends/family and relaxing.
Tori- do you still frequent San Fran? how often? I've been up that way quite a bit the last couple of months- I love the city and I have a few friends who now live there.
just wondering

August 16 2004

Mark has been kind enough to let me borrow his Gamecube for the last few months. There's just enough games on it to make it worth having for me. I really like Tales of Symphonia and, at this point, I'd buy a Gamecube just for that.

Stace and I are looking forward to your visit home!

August 16 2004

Kristin - I've been here almost every week since November, Monday thru Thursday. But I found a new job - in Chicago! - so Thursday is my last day here in SF. I'll have to catch you in Chi-town.

August 16 2004

But at least the peach ice cream was good, right?

August 16 2004

Yes. The homemade dessert du jour ala Christopher was excellent as always. If I lose at the next game, maybe I'll just start coming for the sweets.

August 17 2004

homemade peach ice cream- wow, yum!

kristin, i'd love to see you when you're in town.

August 17 2004

Tre Kroner really shines for brunch (although Sunday brunches get real busy, it's best to get there before the church crowd arrives, before 11am if possible). If you like Ann Sather's, then you'll love Tre Kroner as it's simply better in terms of food and in most cases, service. Dinner, in my opinion, is good although because I'm not a big meat-eater I usually just get the salmon. When I want good breakfast-type comfort food there really is no comparison in Chicago - it's that good.

August 18 2004

Golf is fun, but it's all in the approach.

Pun intended.

You can't just go out 3-4 times a year and expect the world, so be happy with a few decent shots. If you go out 25-30 times next summer and your score doesn't improve by 8-10 strokes, you can keep cursing the game. It's all expectations. And it's okay to get mad, but let it go, refocus and enjoy the course and people you're with.

August 18 2004

I think you're overestimating how well I'm playing by saying I had a few decent shots. This is embarrassing to say, but I lost 15 balls in 10 holes. I don't care what sort of approach you have toward the game, that's not fun.

I can promise you I will not be going out to play golf 25-30 times in any summer.

August 18 2004

Then be happy with what you have: you didn't lose 16 balls.

And I'm guessing the weather and course and people were fun?

August 18 2004

Let's just agree that I'd be happier away from the golf course. The round was really slow. After 13 holes, we were already at the 4 hour mark. The couple we were with in the scramble were nice people, but we had never met them and one of them had never played golf. We ended up taking a good number of my shots, so you get an idea what it was like. Stace and I enjoyed driving around in the golf cart, but there has to be a way to drink beer and drive a golf cart without actually being responsible to hit the ball.

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