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Monday · August 16 2004

The Tetris page here now has high scores enabled. My entries are just tests; I think I can do better. Get cracking and give me something to shoot for. Tetris brought to you 100% by neave games.

Archived: Play » August 2004
What you had to say:
August 16 2004

I was playing but didn't see where the high scores are?

August 16 2004

Maybe you have a cached version? Try hitting refresh on the page, and if that doesn't work, try clearing your cache.

If it still doesn't work, let me know and I'll rename it so that nobody is using the cached version.

August 16 2004

Crap. I just played and couldn't figure out how to record my score. I scored 878,983,675 points. Or maybe it was only 18,000. I don't remember.

August 16 2004

I renamed the Flash file in case you guys were having caching issues. Try again. I'll practice hard to top your 878K.

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