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Monday · August 16 2004

My co-worker, Matt, and I had lunch at the brand new Potbelly sandwich shop near our office. Potbelly's opened on Friday and the line was out the door by noon. There are alot of hungry cube dwellers in the Arlington Heights/Rolling Meadows/Schaumburg corridor and, today, at least half of them wanted a ham and salami sandwich run through a toaster oven.

The owners are printing money in the kitchen.

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August 16 2004

ooh. i just had a veg potbelly last night- yum.

your poll area isn't showing me the latest votes, j. only brings it up as though i haven't voted. because of this, i wound up voting twice today (didn't know if the 1st got counted)- and yeah, for the same movie both times.

August 16 2004

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August 17 2004

vegetarians seem to really love the Potbelly's. I've known people to get seriously worked up about the imminent opening of a Potbelly's near their office.

My theory: cocaine in the milkshakes.

August 17 2004

I'm considering buying a toaster oven and standing outside the Subway near me. If I make 2% of what the Potbelly shop is pulling in, I should be able to franchise my toaster oven enterprise within a week.

August 17 2004

most places' veg sandwiches are just bread, tomatoes and lettuce with mayo & mustard. potbelly puts on 4 types of cheese, mushrooms, etc. i also love jimmy johns' veg sandwich. it's got some guacamole mixture and grey poupon. with subway etc. i take it home and add fakin' meat slices. but, true... nothing beats those coke milkshakes!!

August 17 2004

Allen used to go to the Potbelly's in the loop all the time; we even went on the weekends. Now he's jealous because I work across the street from one and there are none at all in Virginia! The mushrooms on the veggie are great, and the hot peppers are a must.

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