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Monday · August 16 2004

Paper Napkin
Serving automated rejection via email.

Did you get her email?
No, she gave me the paper napkin.

What you had to say:
August 16 2004

wow, that is brilliant. I will have to go to some bars just to try this out.

August 16 2004

I've seen the same thing via phone, only when you call, you can select the type of rejection you want from a touchtone menu. The sympathetic rejection (A sweet old lady who shares your sense of loss), the S&M rejection (You deserve this, you filthy pig!), the angry rejection (Nine Inch Nails), the denial (This didn't really just happen), etc. It's somewhere in New York (surprise, surprise), so if a pretty girl gives me a NYC phone number, then I'll know I'm doomed.

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