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Saturday · August 14 2004

Simple, online Boggle. Wonderfully executed.

Archived: Play » August 2004
What you had to say:
August 16 2004

Have you played Word Racer on Yahoo! games? I used to be addicted to it.

August 16 2004

I don't know if I played Word Racer, but I played alot of Literati (which is basically Scrabble) and a little bit of Bookworm (I think that's what it was called).

I like the word games.

August 16 2004

Word Racer is like speed Boggle. You'd probably like it. I got pretty good at it for a while but it's easy to lose your touch.

August 17 2004

I can play Text Twist for hours. Bookworm makes me a little crazy.

August 17 2004

i love bookworm. i'm addicted to the boggle site you put up, j. even though it's kinda aggrivating because some legit words show up as 'not in dictionary' and in the 'you missed' section are some words i highly doubt are legit. pretty normal players seem to be on there on the weekends and days, but at night (i'm talking insomnia hours late) it's all players as good as dan rappel. feels like playing at a mensa meeting.

hi anneke!!

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