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Friday · August 13 2004

In Search of a Browser That Banishes Clutter
When virtually all tech media sounds like a broken record disparaging Internet Explorer, they just might be onto something. I installed Firefox for my dad yesterday because he was buried in popups and spyware. I told him, “See that blue 'e'? Don't click it anymore.”

Archived: Techie » August 2004
What you had to say:
August 13 2004

I find myself looking forward to your quiz each day.
What does that mean, really?

August 13 2004

It means you need to help me with quiz ideas.

August 13 2004

Good idea. I'll email you. Someday.

August 13 2004

Okay, so once you've installed Firefox and banned Explorer, does the spyware disable automatically, or is that another step?

August 13 2004

okay. FOXFIRE. I have been told about this really great-sounding service about a million times, and every time I forget the name. At least I'm consistent, I suppose... :)

August 13 2004

Actually it IS Firefox. I get it backwards all the time,too.

August 13 2004

I knew I would make headway if I just kept repeating myself.

You can find a good spyware fighter at Firefox isn't going to disable any spyware you already have, and isn't a cure-all for security, but it's a good first step and the least you can do.

The latest 0.9 install will import all your cookies, bookmarks, etc from IE for you, but you will still have to reinstall Flash at some point if you look at pages that have Flash movies. That's about it.

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