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Wednesday · August 11 2004

Theme songs for MLB batters and pitchers
The old-timey organ at Wrigley ensures the hokiest tunes for the Cubs. The rest of the league is a mix of jock rock, hip-hop, and latin/salsa with some mainstream country tossed in.

The best blurb is on David Dellucci's (Texas Rangers) affinity for "The Godfather Waltz".

Recently, Dellucci requested “The Godfather Waltz,” a k a “The Godfather Theme” as his at-bat music. An Italian American, Dellucci thought the tune fit him well. Right before the next game, the outfielder got cold feet and began debating whether to use the song or not. The Rangers staff played it anyway, and it has become all the rage in Texas. Fans call up the stadium by the dozens asking what the song is from, and why they recognize it. In turn, Dellucci has become a fan favorite.

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