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Wednesday · August 11 2004

The Political Machine
Ubisoft is releasing this PC strategy game today for $20. Gamers' rule is $20 games suck, but this has to be worth a look considering the season. Coming soon to your high school Poli-Sci classroom.

Game features:

  1. Write your ticket to power: From Bush or Kerry to Schwarzenegger or Reagan, pick your candidate from today's leading political figures to influential presidents of the past.
  2. Tackle hot-button issues: Walk a political tightrope in all states on heated topics such as the war in Iraq, tax cuts, the fight against terror, and abortion rights.
  3. Survive the media frenzy: Launch smear campaigns or defend your credibility on TV news shows such as Barry King Live and The O'Maley Factor.
  4. Build your political warchest: Solicit endorsements from interest groups across the political spectrum.

Once the election is over, Halo 2 comes out Nov. 9, just in time for winter addiction season.

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What you had to say:
August 11 2004

Halo 2- I don't even play video games and I've heard of this. Hasn't it been like a million years since the first one came out?

August 11 2004

Yeah, for the first year and a half of the Xbox's lifetime, it should have been named "Box that lets you play Halo and Splinter Cell". My brother-in-law (whose wdding was the reason for our trip to Seattle) works for Microsoft. He had a beta version of Halo 2 that I got to play over the weekend. 8 on 8 multiplayer Halo 2 over the Internet is addictive.

August 11 2004

Reason enough for XBox Live!

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